La-Grande-forêt-D-AnlierA colourful forest destination

Do you want to spend your holiday in a forest and Ardennes atmosphere? Do you dream of sleeping in a typical forest accommodation? Do you want to sleep, eat and move around in the forest lifestyle?

The great forest of St-Hubert is your ideal holiday destination!

On our website, you will discover numerous touristic opportunities based on the forest theme, which we have selected for you based on strict criteria: location close to the forest, typical forest decorations, owner with a high awareness of nature, lending of tools to help discovering the forest environment, menus with terroir products or products coming from the forest, etc. Thanks to the help of our partners, we guarantee that you will enjoy a pleasant 100%  forest  stay.


Other accommodation, restaurants and activities are available on the territory of the great saint Hubert forest but are not included on our website. to find out more, visit the websites of the houses of tourism :,, et